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What can I do to a portion of a bathroom wall (plaster) where the paint keeps curling up and falling off?

Oddly, this place is up high where no water reaches, but I think there is mildew there. I've tried a couple different primers over the years. I have the same flaking problem on a kitchen wall. The house is 82 years old and I live in the South (VA) where humidity is high...? Thanks for any advice.What can I do to a portion of a bathroom wall (plaster) where the paint keeps curling up and falling off?
check behind the wall to make sure there isn't a water pipe leak or go to a paint store and tell them what's wrong and they may knowWhat can I do to a portion of a bathroom wall (plaster) where the paint keeps curling up and falling off?
I don't know what else to tell you aside from sanding, priming and making sure you use paint meant for high humidity environments... you may need to replace that area of plaster if there happens to be mold growing there, you can't just paint over mold, it will keep coming back. Use bleach or a mold killer to remove the mold then reprime and repaint.
killz is a good one to stop this
Try a dehumidefier. Or you may just be using the wrong type of oprimer with the wrong type of paint. Go to a paint store Im sure they will have the answer
it sounds like you have a paint match problem. This old of house was first painted in a lead based oil paint. If the primers you have used are acrylic based. then paint won't adhere to it. Try washing the area with bleach{use care}, then try a primer like Bins Sealer[also call Bullseye}, If that doesn't work, don't know of any other quick remedies.
The curling up and flaking off certainly sounds like a reaction to moisture, coming from the outside in. I'll bet the same is true for your kitchen wall. It's time to do some sleuthing:

When I am trying to figure out how water is entering a home, I try to think like water. Water basically flows along and minds its own business until something gets in the way. Then seemingly out of spite, it works its way inside. Look for an area that cooresponds with your internal problem. See if you can see a likely path for running water during a storm, and if there is an obstruction to that path (flashing, architectural detail, gutter, etc.) that might cause the water to be diverted into the home. Look for cracks, dry rot, loose caulking joints, peeled paint, mold and other evidence of moisture accumulation. I'll bet you'll find the location of the leaks very quickly.

For sealing out water, nothing is more effective that urethane caulking, at about $4.25 a tube. Make sure the surfaces you are sealing are clean and dry. After the leaks are fixed, and the interior dries out, you will probably have to gouge the loose plaster out and repair it with joint compound.

Good luck!

I want to paint my bathroom brown and have blue as an accent color. Anyone have ideas or pics? Please help.?

i would paint the bigst wall dark brown n the others light ''not baby'' blu. with white soap holder etc. n the floweres ''real'' thats dyed blue. n dark brown ''soft to touch'' shower curtin. thers so much u can add to those colors! even the jungle theme,like giraffe or palmsI want to paint my bathroom brown and have blue as an accent color. Anyone have ideas or pics? Please help.?
Well, that's an interesting idea, but I like this one even better... Try this: paint the walls a medium yellow as background and have brown streaks all over as the accents!

Mike ChristensenI want to paint my bathroom brown and have blue as an accent color. Anyone have ideas or pics? Please help.?
nice idea! but brown + blue doesn't work with me. why not try green and yellow? if you wanna put pictures in your bathroom, put them in a wooden frame. you may put a brown basket for decoration, with news papers and magazines in it. A cream shower curtain with a little bit of green, yellow and brown color.

How do I get spray paint off of my bathroom tile?

I accidentally got a little spray paint on my ceramic tile in my bathroom. I tired cleaning it with windex, liquid dishwasher soap, and a few other things as well as scraping it with a knife. Nothing is working. What EXACTLY do I need to buy to get it off the tile? Thanks.How do I get spray paint off of my bathroom tile?
its called ';goof off'; you can get it in the paint departmentHow do I get spray paint off of my bathroom tile?
The Mr. Clean dry eraser. It really works!!!
use a razor blsde, like you would on a window

What would be a good paint finish in a bathroom with old plastered and new drywall mixed together?

The surface is quite rough despite lots of plastering and sanding. The room is done is blues and aquas, spa-like. I'm thinking of something that might suggest water. Any ideas?What would be a good paint finish in a bathroom with old plastered and new drywall mixed together?
Several different faux finishes are very good at disguising imperfect walls.

Color washing and sponge painting are two very good techniques for this, as the textured look of the finish camoflages rough or irregular surfaces.

I love the suede paint look and technique, but I would not at all suggest the technique for use in a bathroom. It is not an exceptionally durable scratches easily and does not hold up well to moisture.

You can find instructions for the color washing and sponge painting techniques at the site below.What would be a good paint finish in a bathroom with old plastered and new drywall mixed together?
With dissimilar surfaces, you should really consider making an attempt to make them more similar. While it is a lot of work to plaster the drywall, it may be the only way to make the room look entirely uniform. However, if you are able to achieve a similar texture on both sets of walls, then you should still consider using a latex primer coat (preferrably two) on each wall to ensure that the paint adheres similarly. This will also help to ensure that the sheen is similar on both surfaces.
I would go with a faux finish of some type so that the roughness looks as though it were intentional. You can do a suede look and it's relatively inexpensive. Good luck!
Bathrooms should always have either a satin or semi-gloss finish on the walls. It will take the steam better than an eggshell or a latex.

I am buying a '40's house with HORRIBLE tile on the bathroom walls, how to paint over them?

I LOVE THIS HOUSE. It has a swimming pool, and everything, but the only bathroom is small, and the walls are covered in BLUE tile!! Not one of my colors, nor a color I like. It looks like they have recently put down linoleum on the floor, so I can replace that. What I'm concerned about is the tile. Should I try to remove it, or paint over it? And if I do paint over it, will it stay? Keep in mind that the tiles are not only on the walls, but the entire bathtub walls are covered in them. I cannot live with this, and want to change it. I've never done any DIY, other than painting, but between this bathroom, and pulling up the carpet to refinish the hardwood, I'm going to have to learn!! Thanks in advance for your help.I am buying a '40's house with HORRIBLE tile on the bathroom walls, how to paint over them?
You're getting some goofy advice. The easy (and really not that expensive) solution is to call a tub refinisher in your area and have them refinish your tile. They can paint it any color you want with an industrial enamel paint that has excellent staying power. It might cost a few hundred dollars, but compare that to the costs of tearing out the old, discovering who knows what in the walls, and then having to refinish the walls. I don't know any contractor who can do that for under $1000.

As for refinishing the hardwoods, it's not so hard. You can rent the sander from Lowes or Home Depot, as well as many Ace Hardware stores. It takes a good day to do a good job (especially make sure every last one of those carpet staples is gone before you start). Instead of the expensive floor finishes look for gymnasium finisher. It's also sold at the box stores, just in a different area because it's a commercial finish. It's about $20/gallon and is made for the heavy wear and tear of a school gymnasium. You'll have fun with the project...just make sure the windows can stay open all night before you start.I am buying a '40's house with HORRIBLE tile on the bathroom walls, how to paint over them?
I wouldn't suggest painting the tile, humidity and water from the shower would most likely lift the paint. The best thing to do in my opinion would be to replace the tiles.
Paint won't work. Best thing to do is hire a professional to remove the existing tile and install a tile of your choice. It's not cheap but might be worth it to you in the long run.
hi Melena i'm in the same boat as you and after asking tradespeople and doing internet research i;m going to strip all the old tiles and redo with new ones, There are products available which allow you to repaint tiles but general opinion seems to be that the paint will scratch off over time and isn't really suitable for very wet areas, It's gonna be hard work removing all the old tiles but at the end of the day i will have the bathroom of my wife's dreams and it will last for many years to come so i won't have this nightmare to deal with again

hope this helps

you could do 2 things either tear off that old tile and replace it with new tile, it will give you a broader selection of colors styles etc. but since you said this is an old house i think that tile may not have a gypsum board or something like that underneat it probably have lath and plaster so if you tear you would have to redo the wallboards OR you could use a method called ceramic resurface they spray a ceramic mixture instead of paint over your tiles i think the color selection is limited but its cheaper compared to buying new tiles,backerboards,nails,grout,mud, etc.

hope this helps
just rip it out drywall is cheap n easy 2 install u cann do it probably 4 under 100.00
The best (and most costly) way to get what you want is to hire a pro and remodel the entire bathroom the way you want it.

You CAN effectively paint it for a DIY (and much cheaper) project: Get the tile as clean as possible and use an oil based primer coat; the best in my experience is Kilz, found in any home or hardware store, then paint it the color you want with an enamel paint; it needs to be enamel (oil based), at least around the tub/shower, because latex will eventually fade and wash off or peel due to the wetness. My best and good luck.

Hey bad rabbit1, she can't use DRYwall around a tub; a product called greenboard is used in wet areas, and that is finished with tile or decorative plastic/composite sheets, and Les The Painter should know more about his materials. Porous, not porus bro.
Tear it out and replace with natural stone. Or, you can contact someone who does the overlay...I did it in my bathroom when my tub was bright yellow...they come out and redo your tub in white or any color...professionally and it lasts! Check out for an example. I've been in my house for 15 years and they also did my antique oven....I imagine they might do the tile, too.
Tile isn't porus so it won't keep paint on it I don't care what primer you use.
You say it's for the 40's is the tile plastic?, if so get a wide 3-4'' metal scraper and pop all the tile off the first one may need a little elbow grease but once you get the first one the rest goes easily. The glue will still be on the wall so invest in a good heat gun and heat and scrape all the glue off the walls. These walls should be plaster so you shouldn't have a problem. What ever is left on the walls can be lightly sanded til smooth, wash walls, prime and paint. It will take some time but the end result is worth it. I did this in a 50's kitchen and bathroom, the tile in the tub was even on the ceiling. Good luck! If the tile is ceramic its a whole other story and project. Painting than would be advisable because you would ruin most of the walls removing ceramic tiles.
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  • What color should i paint my kitchen and bathroom?

    Im trying to sell my studio, its 650 sq. ft. %26amp; it needs to be painted... For the living room i think im going to do some kind of an off white. The kitchen has dark brown cabinets with a white tile floor %26amp; white counter and the bathroom has a black granite sink and counter %26amp; also had white tile flooring. What color walls would you suggest to paint the kitchen and bathroom?

    Thanks :)What color should i paint my kitchen and bathroom?
    For the purpose of selling, I would use ';ecru'; by sherwin williams:鈥?/a>

    That would look good in both, but if you want different colors for the rooms, the I would use ecru in the kitchen - giving it a coffee shop effect - and then use ';white duck'; in the bathroom. People like white bathrooms b/c they're perceived to be cleaner.What color should i paint my kitchen and bathroom?
    I would paint both rooms a soft wheat color or a soft gold. Both are neutral without making the rooms look stark like a white would.
    i would go with a antique whits for the kitchen and off white for the bathroom both colors have a nice look of clean and if your going to sell it thats what i would do
    bathroom white kitchen sky blue is beautiful
    all white
    Kitchen, IF the light is good, a kind of light faded blue (think faded denims) with glossy white trim. If the light isn't good a sandy beige, with bright green trim.

    Bathroom faded gold and faded greens, with bright brassy accents.
    WELL....for the bathroom maybe a shade Grey, kitchen i would go with tan or an accent color of what you have now living room go with a color that blends with the kitchen a similar color or the same.
    I love the colors from pottery barn. they work well if you have a lot/or no natural light.

    Soft colors deep BUT NOT DARK...yellow, green and blue. They can work with country, french country and a friend of mine who is over the top marble granite top in kitchen. very modern chic furniture and it looks fabulous. look up ';pottery barn store';. you will see these colors through out their catalog!

    Good luck!
    You could paint your kitchen a light yellow or an eggshell color, maybe dark red? The bathroom maybe a dark green, a cute warm-colored theme? Green and black? These colors seem to go together.
    If you are planning to sell your studio, then I would go for a neutral. Like a tan. I would paint every room that color because a) It makes other colors pop against this neutral. b)It's a small space and you want continuity to appear as if it was a larger space. c)Why invest in so many different colors, someone who buys it will probably change it anyway. Good luck!

    What is best to paint a bathroom with?

    actual bathroom paint or a gloss of some sort? It's a small bathroom with a small window, do have the window open but it still gets steamy in there.What is best to paint a bathroom with?
    I would use a kitchen and bath paint as they have special additives to prevent mold and mildew in a high moisture bathroom. Both can be hazardous to your health!

    Also, If possible you should have an exhaust fan installed. As opening a window isn't always possible and mold/mildew can form behind walls and fixtures where you can't see it or easily treat and remove it.

    You can always use the same paint in your kitchen, even if you just use it on one wall for an accent. That way you won't waste money on a gallon of paint and half gallons cost almost as much as a whole gallon.What is best to paint a bathroom with?
    interior semi gloss or maybe kitchen/bath enamel....both would work..

    both paints are scrubbable, mold and mildew resitant...